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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash icon

Navigate your way through danger as you jump and dash through a action platformer

Temple Run

Temple Run icon

Fast and exciting running game in which players must avoid obstacles and collect points

Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer icon

Use your graceful leaping skills to whiz through obstacles and acquire rings


SplashUp! icon

2D platform game where users control a glowing ball that lights up surfaces it touches

Spelunky Classic HD

Spelunky Classic HD icon

A mobile port of the classic PC platformer Spelunky with updated controls for touch screens

Gunship Strike

Gunship Strike icon

Side scrolling air based battle game where you pilot your way to victory or defeat

Parkour Go

Parkour Go icon

Jump, climb, and slide in free play or goal-oriented levels in this 3D parkour platformer

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog icon

The beloved Sonic Hedgehog game is making its resurgence and it's better than ever


Ristar icon

Transform into a new character and see if you can get the knowledge you need

Cat Bird

Cat Bird icon

Get the flying cat through 40 levels in this traditional platform game with pixelated graphics