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Music MP3 Download

Music MP3 Download icon

Download MP3 music files to your device so you can hear them later

Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove icon

Easily access any music file in your OneDrive account on your PC, Android, or Xbox


Lyrics icon

Find the lyrics to any song you may not know or have been singing wrong

DJ Music Remix

DJ Music Remix icon

Fun app for remixing music sounds and audio clips to make cool tunes or jingles

MP3 Converter

MP3 Converter icon

Convert audio files on an Android device into MP3s and other file types


Beatmaker icon

Use your device to create original music with custom beats


Audiomack icon

An app that helps you find new songs based on your previous listening history


Beat icon

Save space on your phone by uploading your music directly to the app and streaming it through this music player

Music Free

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Enjoy listening to your favorite songs from any musical genre that you enjoy relaxing to

Instrumental Music & Songs

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Listen to instrumental versions of the music you love and share the tracks with friends