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Download and read millions of books on your Android device

PDF Reader

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Open and save documents in several file formats not native to android OS


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Access the worlds largest encyclopedia with information on any subject submitted and funded by users

Bing Search

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Use Microsoft's easy-to-use search engine to look up anything you want on the web

Gospel Library

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This app is designed with the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints in mind

Oxford Dictionary of English

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Access thousands of entries from the one of a kind Oxford Dictionary from your phone

EGW Writings

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Explore your faith with the spiritual teachings of Ellen G. White


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New Bible translation featuring original names and elements, includes restored Kadosh names

English-English Dictionary

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Look up word definitions, confirm spellings, and learn other details about words in English

Video Mixing Editor

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Enhance, rework, and perfect your videos with this feature-heavy editing tool